World of Adonis

For the short film Adonis, independent filmmaker David Dibble envisioned a cartoon-like world that couldn’t be filmed at real locations.  Live actors were first shot on green screen and then placed into the World of Adonis made up of a variety of miniatures including, model railroads, dollhouses, and much more.

Adonis director works the the actors

Cinematographer Michael Roy led a stellar crew on the green screen sound stage at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California. Meanwhile, to make the short film come alive David Dibble enlisted the help of his family as they built the grandiose miniatures that became the sets. Creating the to-scale beach front amusement park, city streets and neighborhoods  –  this was no easy feat to accomplish.

Adonis main character home

Photographer Jamie Jansen provided the meticulous photography of the miniatures to match the camera angles used on the green screen shoot.

Jamie Jansen photographs Adonis miniatures

One of the first things that stands out in the World of Adonis is the use of vibrant color.  From the character costumes designed by Susan L to the miniatures and props, Adonis assaults you with color.  

Adonis director David Dibble

The final touch of this short film is the whimsical music composed by David Dibble.  Featuring kazoo’s and marching band percussion, this score provides a unique voice that could only happen in the World of Adonis.

Adonis director David Dibble

See how the sets come to life in this behind-the-scenes video: