Award-winning independent filmmaker David Dibble sets himself apart from others in the industry by being a successful auteur.  A David Dibble production showcases David’s distinct independent filmmaker style via his whimsical view of the world, quirky characters and signature soundtracks.

David left his rural hometown of Hanford, in Central California, to become an independent filmmaker attending the University of Southern California, graduating from their renowned film school.  After graduation he stayed in Southern California and was privileged to apprentice under legendary cinematographer, Allen Daviau, A.S.C.  Daviau, best known for his work on E.T., Empire of the Sun, Bugsy and Avalon, allowed Dibble to truly hone his craft as an independent filmmaker as he learned from a master.  Over the past decade, David Dibble has been Director of Photography on many of his own independent films and commercials as well as having shot a variety of features, shorts, and documentaries for companies such as Warner Bros. and PBS.

In addition to being an independent filmmaker, David is an accomplished musician which adds another dimension to his work.  Many of his productions include his own scores.  It’s his variety of abilities and talents that has enabled David to succeed as an independent filmmaker, in an industry that is difficult to make a name in.

The story for “Adonis”came about when David was working as a gorilla extra in Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes”.  Sharing dating stories with fellow ape Jamie Jansen, the idea of a dating service that uses a dog as an agent was born.  Wanting to set “Adonis” in a cartoon-like world, David set out collecting and building miniatures, which would ultimately become the sets.  Though only ten minutes in length, “Adonis” has been an incredible project that has been 12 years, or 61 Dog Years, in the making.

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